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    Network Monitoring

    Provides professional implementation, support and consulting for network solution. Design and implement simple as well as complex networks, starting from the physical planning to the installation of network services and migrations.
    Based on reliability, high availability, and performance we plan and design the network your company needs to meet the requirements regardless of the scale.

  • Fully experience to handle and serve network hardware and solutions such as Infrastructure Design, Implementation, Migration, Cabling, Wireless Connection, Fiber Optic, Server, Workstation, Firewall, Router, Switch, Juniper, Cisco, Mikrotik, Load Balancer, VPN, SSL Certificate, SOA, Cloud, Monitoring, NOC Maintenance, Data Center and Data Recovery Center, On-Site Support, 7/24 Network Support, Remote Support, Mail Server, Zimbra, AntiSpam and AntiVirus, Mail Monitoring, Virtualization, Proxmox, Xen, VMWare, etc.