PULPO Visual Stuctural Health Monitoring System

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    Pulpo VSHMS

    PULPO VSHMS (Visual Structural Health Monitoring System) is an application used for bridges monitoring with early detection and notification system using direct observation cameras mounted on the bridge. The observed monitoring parameter is a crack in the bridge foundation.

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    Feature :

    The notification system for early detection is analysis results in text and images message notification that indicate there is something going on the bridge. Each notification will be verified by web www.v-shms.com. There are validation process for verifying the sent notification messages.

    This application also provides webservice interconnection facilities that is used to send and get a request and response from and to other platforms like android-based applications.

  • Dashboard V-SHMS Platform Android


    This application is provided to verify the notification indicated image as a notification. This application is also used as a webservice that is used to capture the request and response throws, from multiple platforms. Platform handled namely Android, TV and Analysis.